One Good Flush Deserves Another! (Updated 01/20/2014)

Re-Elect Dow Constantine King County Executive?
Not really!   De-Elect is the word!   Haven’t you heard?

No such thing as a good renter. Put them in ghettos, I say!

The next opportunity to flush Dow & Pals (Tom and Joe) will be in 2014 and 2017!
One down (Mike McGinn) and three to go!
Thank you for flushing McGinn!

Breaking News! (10/11/2013)Dow Has Been Flushed on the Internet. Celebrate that!
Money! See Immediately Below$300  $500 USD Cash Prize if you can “Find the Neighborhood.”
See Free Speech Removed by “Kingly” County here “Signs of Bereavement and Dissent”
See the Latest Editorial here “What Would Martin Luther King Say?” (“Just because it is legal does not make it moral.”)
View Our 2012 Halloween Display of the “Fearsome Four” 
Which was Hanging in the Trees Next to the Doomed Lowman Beach Neighborhood

The Mission of One Good Flush Deserves Another:  The mission of One Good Flush Deserves Another is to (1) allow you to learn the truth about four of the West Seattle area politicians who have been “missing in action” or acting as stooges (“yes men”) for King County Wastewater Division’s destruction of a treasured and unique neighborhood across the street from Lowman Beach Park AND (2) to make the pledge to not vote for any of them, if, and when, they run for elected office in the future.

No Winners! (Imagine That)!

We Had Offered Three !$300 $500 USD Cash Prizes, But No One Could Find the Missing Neighborhood Twin (Posted 8/12/13 – Updated 9/5/13 and 11/18/13)

We offered three $300 $500 USD Cash Prizes in a Contest to Find the Neighborhood. The Contest closed on Halloween 2013.  See below for details.

$500 if you can find the neighborhood!

The Principles of “Consequences” and “Responsibility”:  The principles related to the exercise of responsibility are the heart and soul of true democratic accountability. It has been said that if there are no adverse consequences to actions or inactions that an elected official contributes to poor or hurtful consequences, then there is no learning process that can take place  for that elected official  due to an ineffective voter feedback loop.  

Major political players (sometimes called leaders) who make significant contributions through action or inaction to poor or hurtful outcomes can only take corrective action, make better-informed decisions, or, as they say, learn from their mistakes, only if they get significant and clear feedback and are held accountable.

Learning the Truth:  Defining truth is difficult, to say the least. As you may know, ten people can witness the same set of actions or review the same set of data and come up with different conclusions and attributions regarding cause and effect. So, truth, believe it or not, is relatively difficult to discover, especially when the data and interactions and activities are complex, such as with decision-making processes related to projects such as the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow tank construction. If you wish to discover the truth about the players, processes and data involved in that project, you will need to do some homework — more homework than you probably have time for.

Each of us has to determine, using some “moral” guide within us,  whether we have given the truth-discovery process due diligence or not, or whether we can live with our decision about a particular truth based on something less than excellent homework done by us to discover the truth of a thing, such as with the players, processes, and data related to the decisions about location and design of the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow project.

I have tried to make significant and duly-diligent contributions to your search for the truth related to the Murray CSO project players, processes, and decisions, by my many efforts in the last eight years advocating for the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood, park users, and Lowman Beach Park, itself. You may have discovered the contributions I have offered about this process by visiting my websites Protect Lowman Beach Park and What Now West Seattle?  You may have also seen my signs posted in the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood — Duckitude. . . is that You? and Daffy, Part 2.

You may have read the articles published in the West Seattle Herald at Lowman Beach Park neighbors protest Murray Pump Station plan — Six houses scheduled for demolition, King County to help renters, owners relocate and UPDATE: Residents split on recreational access and safety concerns as Murray CSO storage project moves on — “What Now West Seattle?” author responds to the county.

If you have, you get an A+ for due diligence in your search for the truth about the players, processes, data, and decisions related to the Murray CSO project. Whether you have done your homework or not, you will likely have an opinion, well-informed or not, about the various aspects and controversies related to the project. You will take future actions related to the major players in this project dependent upon your conclusions. It is automatic, right?, that people will make future decisions and take future actions based on their current understandings, until they develop a different  understanding.

My Conclusions:   My conclusions, as noted at my websites and in the Opinion Piece entitled The Case of the Missing Neighborhood which I handed directly to Mike McGinn, Seattle City Mayor at this meeting — Mayor McGinn’s Town Hall — are clearly stated. I don’t want to repeat all that information again, here. So, please, if you wish to be well-informed, do the homework.

My Final, but Continuing, Effort:   This blog will likely be my final effort at holding the so-called leaders of the West Seattle Community responsible for the destruction of a unique and treasured neighborhood and for allowing a clearly risky experiment to proceed in a sensitive ecological area, and for showing absolutely no respect for the actual users and the nearest residents of the Lowman Beach Park recreational area.

What is Left to Do?   What is this effort? To allow you, the voter, to make a pledge that seems to be the only thing elected officials will listen to these days — the pledge to never vote for them again in the future as a consequence of their actions or inactions. I ask you to make that pledge based on what has already been noted in my Opinion Piece entitled The Case of the Missing Neighborhood. You may also want to make your voice heard with respect to the use of the threat of “eminent domain” to destroy an entire neighborhood and to site the Murray CSO project in the midst of a densely populated neighborhood. If you think your home and your family might be safe from the use of such an egregious process as eminent domain when it is not necessary, you would be wrong.

For another view of “Home Wreckers, Inc.” check these pics of 2012 Halloween “political art” hung near the Lowman Beach Park homes that have now been destroyed — Fearsome Four.

Make Your Pledges

Thank you for your time and consideration!

* * * * * * * * *

Ron Sterling, M.D. is a psychiatrist, author, and renter in the 7000 block of Beach Drive SW
and has been advocating for the neighborhood and Lowman Beach Park since 2004.

4 Responses to One Good Flush Deserves Another! (Updated 01/20/2014)

  1. Salim says:

    Actually, far from DESTROYING a neighborhood, Dow Constantine et al are SAVING AND IMPROVING IT. Had the plan for the new water treatment plant NOT gone through, the alternative (and the original plan) was to pretty much destroy Lowman Beach Park — including taking out those two gorgeous, 100+ year old maples. By condemning a row of fairly ratty houses and apartments — and, by the way, planning what looks what will be a lovely new park — the new plan PRESERVES Lowman Beach Park. All in all, I’d say this is democracy in action: many benefit (all of us who love Lowman Beach Park), a few are asked to sacrifice (but not terribly, because I’m sure they’ve been paid). So a good result for all. Yay!

  2. whatnowman says:

    First of all, Salim, you might look up what the word “neighborhood” means. A neighborhood is not just a district, or a zone. It consists of neighbors: “Neighbor” – a *person* living near or next door. “Neighborhood” – a collection of neighbors. You have that? Neighbors = people. Sewage tank = no people (transient visitors — plenty of those already at Lowman Beach Park; transient county and city employees — plenty of them already). Nothing new, of value, is being added to the vicinity. We have a park. We don’t need another alleged “park.”

    By the way, as for saving Lowman Beach Park from further significant industrialization, you can thank me and my landlord. We have been working hard at that since 2004. So, where were you?

    The idea that bulldozing six properties containing 19 rental units and taking such rental units off the inventory forever is good for the “neighborhood” or the city is a very superficial analysis of the scenario. These homes did not need to be bulldozed, period. There was a clear alternative that had no long-term effects on housing, neighbors, private or public property. The county abandoned that choice, made by their own Community Advisory Group, out of political considerations and laziness. Period. Do your homework, then come and talk to us about democracy.

    In this case, it has been the least affected making decisions for the most affected. Democracy takes into consideration the politically weaker neighborhoods and populations. That is what leadership is for — to provide a check and balance on so-called majorities. Majorities can be completely irrational. Then what?

    Clearly, you can’t see beneath the surface. “fairly ratty Ratty houses and apartments”? I will take so-called fairly ratty homes and residences over a so-called “lovely new park.” Lovely? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, but there is nothing lovely about the redesigned neighborhood, and it does not constitute a park. Try playing frisbee there…. I mean, really. It is window-dressing. Another way to look at the homes that were threatened with eminent domain for unnecessary purposes, is that they were the typical cottages, and cottage-based structures found throughout West Seattle, and were generally, if not entirely, built with love and care and heartfelt pride. To come along and say they are subpar and don’t deserve to live, is almost tantamount to saying “those older ratty folks in our midst — let’s just bulldoze those suckers!” I guess that means fewer older adults in our midst, but, heck, don’t we look good?

    Give it a rest. You know this is not only morally wrong, but a far cry from the values true democracy teaches.

  3. msmasker says:

    You misspelled the “mayor’s” name. I thought it is McGoon!

  4. Lawrencehwnriksen says:

    Excellent web site.

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