Official Dow is Flushed!

The official “Re-elect Dow Constantine in 2013 at DowConstantine dot com” has Been Flushed! (Updated October 11, 2013)

This website, OneGoodFlushDeservesAnother dot com and its author, Ron Sterling M.D., announce that this website is now consistently ranked above Dow Constantine’s official campaign website using almost any relevant search terms including: elect Dow, Dow Constantine 2013, elect Dow Constantine, Re-Elect Dow Constantine.  In fact, One Good Flush is consistently ranked as Number 1 (Numero Uno!) for those relevant search terms at both Google and Bing!

You gotta love it!

We have kept our promise to Flush Dow one way or another.

Now, you need to do your job by voting for the non-incumbents.  No consequences for the incumbents means no learning will take place.

For the less well-heeled, this result should restore some faith that it is possible to beat local Megadollar Politicians like Dow at their games on the Internet.

On the other hand, for us less-monied types, it is nearly impossible to get such a heavily bank-rolled politician de-throned.  The monied (like David Jones — look it up — David Jones Expedia Laurentide) can still get him, and insensitive politicians like Mr. Dow, elected and re-elected ad nauseum (look it up).  Nothing like a few government handmaidens to make your corporate or bullying heart beat with delight.

Feel free to celebrate our victory in a world where money is NOT everything, and where the playing field can often have the ability to allow for a “fair” fight.  That would be the Internet.



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